A Year of Refinement/ A Year of Unknowns.


A year full of heartbreak. A year of confusion, frustration, and seeking what I wanted; and thought I desperately needed. A year of trying to trust God’s plan – failing, trying again, and then more of falling on my face. Yet, he always picked me up, brushed me off, and said “You, my Beloved, are made new”.

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My Time at Barnes.

Do you ever just stop? Where you sit and feel the weight of life. You breathe in the heartbreak, unwritten essays, and tiredness. You feel the depth of your friendships, the thousand things on your to-do list, and old thorns trying to bloom once again.

It’s all so heavy. But even more so, incredibly beautiful. There is such beauty in realizing this life isn’t mine. There is such beauty in heartbreak and tiredness, because it makes me realize how desperate my soul needs Jesus. He’s always been the answer. When my soul feels exhausted and the school work feels impossible, He’s the answer. I find Him pouring me a cup of encouragment with grace acting as the whip cream to my white mocha. When thousand of things call for my attention and I feel paralzyed, not knowing where to begin, He’s the answer. I find Him whispering “Mo, take joy in this season, as this is preparing you for what I have for you. My Beloved, know that I will never give you more than you can bear. Now, come.”. When old thorns begin to resurface and my heart feels burdened and lost, He’s the answer. I find Him reminding me the cross was not the beginning, but a place of redemption, healing, love, and He helps me find myself.

I’m happy that I stopped today. As I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble, I just began thinking what my life would be without Jesus. My heart immediately sank and tears welled up. I don’t deserve Him. I’m selfish with my time, I allow my emotions to rule, I get angry, and too often I just have an “ehh, I don’t care” attitude. I’m a mess ball. But I’m a mess ball whose Savior isn’t repelled by my brokenness but is attracted to it. Let me say that again – He pursues me, even still.

Again, He’s the answer. Knowing and being known by Jesus is the sweetest gift. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t even have a page for this 10 page essay, but I do know Jesus.

So, I’m going to take off the robe of overwhelmedness and replace it with His grace, strength, and joy. Viking paper, here I come!




I Hope You Dance.

A big warm hello!!!!

Man, have I missed this little space of mine. I hate to use the excuse of “life happened”, but it very much did. A TON has happened since my last post in June – traveling two countries, settling into my own apartment, leading a women’s bible study with my best friend, being enrolled in 19 hours, finishing my third semester of college, experiencing the goodness that is Jesus, and so much more. I was just talking to one of my friends, where we both agreed at 20 years old, life is hard. HAHAHA and I know I know, life and ‘adulthood’ just started. That’s why Lee Ann Womack said it best, I hope you dance.

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Brb, Gotta Go Travel the World!

Hello from the DFW Airport!

My heart is about to explode with happiness – because I’m heading to ITALY today! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for about a year now, in the beginning not thinking it would be possible, and here I am – with my ticket, passport, pretty Euros (so pretty I may not spend them, but wait Gelato…so never mind), and myself ready to go!

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My ED Story.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl in a village named Watauga. She enjoyed, like many others her age, trips to getting FroYo, having study dates with her boyfriend, wearing that libero jersey, where bruises were proof of a great game, and jamming to the newest Taylor Swift song in her new KIA Soul, with her only allowed one passenger (those were the rules back then). However, unlike her friends, this girl was very ill. She didn’t love herself and began to act upon that. She believed in lies – that she was fat, unworthy, HAD to be the smallest girl in the room, and oh that number on the scale was everything. This girl, in the month of November of her sophomore year, was diagnosed with an eating disorder.

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Winter Retreat 2016.

Hello everyone!

This weekend I attended Winter Retreat at my home church, but this year was a bit different than the many years before – instead of being a student, I was a leader! How crazy cool is the Lord? I was so honored and humbled to be able to pour into these students, at an event that has been so wonderful to me these past few years. This weekend was exactly what I needed.

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Trust is my New Jam.

Hello and hugs everyone!

Christmas break seemed to come, stay for a bit, and then just fly by at the end! I am two weeks into my spring semester – I’ve already had too many pancakes, continued Chick-fil-A Tuesday’s, made plans to visit with the cutest friends ever, been late to work (whoops), cried and then cried some more, gotten ahead in school work, and seen God’s faithfulness time after time –why I am still surprised, I do not know. My heart just smiles knowing the creator of the universe loves me.

This semester is going to rock my fuzzy socks off!

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TBR in 2016!

Hello friends!

Books are my absolute favorite. I love the escape of reality they provide. The smell. The way the characters make me feel something – like I know them, like I’m their friend. I love the way a book can make me laugh, smile, cry, swoon, get so furious all at the same time. I love the feeling after finishing a book. But I also hate it, knowing that world – that I was so lucky to be apart of for a short time – is now over. I really just love books.

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New Year//2016.

Hey friends and Happy New Year (or 2nd day of the new year)!

Two nights ago, I was talking to my best friends and we were just discussing how weird that “our” year is now over. I remember the year 2015 always being acquainted with me, like receiving a 2015 t-shirt during my 8th grade day ceremony… now that year , that it seems I’ve always been preparing for, has come to a close!

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Learning to Be Content.

Hello everyone!

Happy Saturday, we made it to the weekend! Honestly, I thought this weekend would never come. Or Thanksgiving break to that matter, only five more days till I will be reunited with my family and stuffing my face with an unhealthy amount of pumpkin pie.

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“Hey, want to go take some pictures?”


A few weeks ago, during my fall break, my best friend and I decided to go on a little photography adventure in one of my favorite places ever – downtown Ft. Worth! {Home sweet home}. I loved getting all dressed up and just walking the streets with my partner in crime, spinning in circles, laughing, and saying “Oh stop, this is the perfect spot” in the heart of downtown – the stares from people were even better.

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What Do You Do When Life Gives You Too Many Lemons?

Hello everybody!

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote on Wanderlust and I’ve missed it dearly. I believe last time I posted, I was just wrapping up and reminiscing on fall break – boy do I wish I was on a week long break right now, but the weekend will do!. Do you ever feel like life just takes control and runs ten steps ahead of you and when you finally reach those ten steps, it’s added another ten? Well I do – that pretty much sums up these last few weeks for me. One second I was embarking on the journey of rushing – oh it’s journey alright – taking on midterms, and then all of a sudden registering for Spring classes!

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Halfway Done With My First Semester in College.

Hello everyone!

So fall break is over. What an unforgettable-relaxing-playing catch up-seeing old and new friends-family oriented-fun week it was!  I absolutely cherished the time home, where I slept in my cozy bed, had no time schedule, received cuddles from my sweet pup, got to burn all the fall scented candles my loving-fall heart desired, and just being able to take a break from the college life and attempts of adulating (key word – attempts, ha!).

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Pre Birthday Bash Festivities!

Hello everyone!

Birthdays are always fun. They are days in the year that are full of sweet treats, where calories don’t count (at least in my book), and loved ones come together and celebrate.

Tomorrow I turn 19 (gulp…my last year in the ‘teens’) and I had a pre birthday bash this weekend!

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31 Things I Love About Fall!

Hello, October.

Today was the first day of the fall season that actually ‘felt’ what fall is suppose to feel like. Cool. Crisp. A little chilly, where sweaters are welcome. I hope Texas welcomes fall and is done with the 90 degree weather, because I’ve officially pulled out my fall décor and clothing! Fall is here on the calendar. October is here. So Texas, please just keep up!

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Snail Mail//A Complete Surprise.

Hello everybody!

It has been a few days since posting on Wanderlust and I’ve missed it dearly. However, my creative juices have continued to flow and I’m very excited about the upcoming posts in store. I am still getting use to being away at school, so every day is different and a “go with the flow” type thing (so not me…), so it has been hard to find time to blog. Or sleep. Or really anything. But I love it and the way it challenges me. So as of right now, blogging may be inconsistent, but I’m not giving up on this passion of mine. Continue reading “Snail Mail//A Complete Surprise.”

Thankful for ordinarly sweet days// Feeling a bit worn.

Hello there!

Let’s be honest – this week has not been one of my favorites and it has just seemed to been ongoing. School is starting to get out of that “back to school” phase and into the “real deal” college phase. However, this Friday I found some ordinary joy, Jesus always knows what I need.

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So long, Summer, you’ll be missed.

Hello there!

I think it’s safe to say Summer is coming to a close end or has already ended for most of us. I usually say my goodbyes to Summer when school starts, but this year was a little weird and different. Since I started school a few weeks early, Summer was there and then…well it just went. I want to say a proper goodbye to my good friend, Summer, and just revisit the goals I had for myself and the memories that were made.

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Fangirl Fridays// The Maze Runner Series.

Hello everybody & happy Fangirl Friday!


Before I begin chatting away about the Maze Runner Series, I just want to say a few words about the fourteenth anniversary of 9/11. Although, I was young when this tragic event occurred and I don’t quite remember what I was doing/where I was, this time in history still stirs something up in my being every year. Continue reading “Fangirl Fridays// The Maze Runner Series.”

Blog Award: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers.

Hi everybody!

As I was taking a little study break from math yesterday (gross, I know), I noticed a WordPress notification that I was nominated for a blogging award; my first one to that! How exciting and humbling to know that other people actually read and take interest into what I write. I don’t know much about these blogging awards, but I’m very honored for this cool little opportunity – I feel like this is my 10 seconds in fame (ha!) – and I’m thrilled to be able to share this on Wanderlust Mo.

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Sometimes you just gotta dance.

Hi everybody!

Syllabi will be the death of me. This week, the first week of college, has been a bit overwhelming – to say the least. Through all the color coding, filling up {basically} every date in my planner, and the amount of homework in the first week, I began to feel stressed (remember it’s only the THIRD DAY).

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‘Twas a delightful day!

Hey there!

Guess who finished their first college course today? Oh and not only passed the final exam but aced it…me, that’s who! I can’t believe my first week of college is over and done with…what? Although, the actual school year hasn’t started yet, I can already tell its going to be agreat year; because of days like today.

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Photography Project

Hi everybody!

Today is Wednesday, which means I am half way done with my mini fine arts class – whohoo! I can’t believe my first class as a college student is coming to a close end. Today, my professor had my class do a little photography project. Nothing too serious, but rather full of creativity. He gave us one hour to snap two photos, that we saw striking, and edit them. I am not a photographer, never have I had really any experience with taking photos – but I absolutely love photographs and the memories they capture.

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Greetings from 204!

Hello everyone!


Today’s been superb, full of friendliness, a little overwhelming, exhausting, but a whole lot of fun. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. As I’m in my dorm chowing down on some m&ms, I can’t help but smile. This whole college thing is fantabulous and I am so in love with this university. The Lord really knew what he was doing when he led me here,  my sweet home away from home.

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College Goals// Let’s get Real.

Hello and Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today is THE day. The day I move into Dallas Baptist and no longer fully live at home with mom and dad – whoa things just got real. It’s has been the most bitter of sweet weekends. Tears have been (and will continue, I’m sure) shed, happy tears my mom says. I don’t know if I am ready to say all the goodbyes, but I do know I am over the moon about embracing this college life.

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